2014-10-18 Vacation, SF

2014-10-17 Second Act, SF [collab with Coagulator]

2014-09-26 LCM, Oakland [with Horseflesh]

2014-09-11 Kanbar Forum, Exploratorium (15th SF Electronic Music Festival) [with Caitlin Denny, visuals; Sophia Wang, dance; David Gedalecia, banjo]

2014-08-12 Cafe Bourbon Street, Columbus, Ohio [with David Gedalecia]

2014-08-09 Millstone, West Virginia (voice of the valley 6) [with David Gedalecia]

2014-08-06 Now That’s Class Cleveland, Ohio [with David Gedalecia]

2014-07-25 Blick Art Materials, SF [collab with Coagulator]

2014-07-01 Studio Grand, Oakland

2014-06-23 LCM, Oakland [collab with Coagulator]

2014-06-07 Noisebridge Hackerspace (godwaffle noise pancakes)

2014-05-30  KFJC Los Altos Hills live mic (24 hour drone fest) [collab with Coagulator]

2014-05-29 Luggage Store Gallery (creative music series) [collab with Coagulator]

2014-05-17 Other Cinema (Optronica series)

2014-04-27 Duende, Oakland

2014-04-19 Greg’s House

2014-03-17 MOCO, Oakland

2014-02-27 Luggage Store Gallery (new music series)

2014-02-15 Purple House, Oakland

2014-02-14&… Little Paper Planes TV [with Caitlin Denny & Mike Daddona, visuals] media installation

2014-02-08 KZSU Stanford live mic (day of noise fest)

2014-02-04 E.S.P. TV NY (broadcast of 2012-08-08 show at Brenna Murphy exhibit at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts)

2013-11-30 Other Cinema (Synth Britannia screening)

2013-11-23 Rubber City Noise Cave, Akron, Ohio 

2013-11-21 Ace of Cups, Columbus, Ohio [with David Gedalecia]

2013-11-17 Hemlock Tavern

2013-11-04 MATA, Los Angeles

2013-09-15 LCM, Oakland [with Horseflesh]

2013-08-17 Alderwood Event Campground, Chloe, West Virginia (voice of the valley 5) [with David Gedalecia]

2013-08-15 Mahall’s 20 Lanes, Cleveland, Ohio

2013-08-08 Hemlock Tavern

2013-08-08 Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (for Brenna Murphy exhibit / E.S.P. TV broadcast)

2013-08-04 LCM, Oakland [with David Gedalecia]

2013-06-20 Luggage Store Gallery (new music series)

2013-05-30 The Lab (international noise conference)

2013-05-03 LCM, Oakland [collab with Coagulator; with Caitlin Denny, visuals]

2013-04-12 Artists’ Television Access [with Mike Daddona, visuals]

2013-03-30 LCM, Oakland (festivus pelvicus benefit)

2013-03-27 Hemlock Tavern [with Caitlin Denny, visuals]

2013-03-02 The Lab [with Caitlin Denny, visuals]

2013-02-17&02-24 Ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen, Berlin-Neukölln (Electromechanical Music for Bassbox) sound installation

2013-01-08 Uptown Nightclub, Oakland (active music series) [with Mike Daddona, visuals]

2012-11-10 Apop, Saint Louis [with Shannon Kerrigan, visuals]

2012-11-09 Enemy, Chicago [with Shannon Kerrigan, visuals]

2012-11-08 M.U.G., Detroit [with Shannon Kerrigan, visuals]

2012-11-07 Happy Dog, Cleveland, Ohio [with Shannon Kerrigan, visuals]

2012-11-06 Fairchild Chapel, Oberlin, Ohio [with Shannon Kerrigan, visuals]

2012-10-12 The Cave

2012-09-30 LCM, Oakland

2012-08-24 Krowswork [with Shannon Kerrigan, visuals)

2012-08-05 Potrero Del Sol Park

2012-06-24 Radio Valencia remote [with David Gedalecia]

2012-06-23 The Boo Box, Ohio City, Ohio

2012-06-22 Happy Dog, Cleveland, Ohio

2012-06-10 The Lab [with Mike Daddona, visuals]

2012-05-19 Plainfield Station, Woodland (O:RMF 12)

2012-04-27 Bleakhaus

2012-04-22 Terminal, Oakland

2012-04-06 BART-16th St. Mission (club bart)

2012-02-04 Heco’s Palace, Oakland [collab with Vibrating Garbage]

2012-01-08 The Lab [collab with Hans Grüsel] [with Caitlin Denny, visuals]

2011-12-09 Enemy, Chicago

2011-12-01 Luggage Store Gallery (new music series)

2011-11-10 The Lab (iamindust festival)

2011-10-28 Sub-Mission

2011-09-23 Brainwash Cafe [with Caitlin Denny, visuals]

2011-09-01 Now That’s Class Cleveland, Ohio

2011-08-31 Radio Valencia remote [with David Gedalecia]

2011-08-30 Robinwood Concert House Toledo

2011-08-29 Stone Tavern, Kent Ohio

2011-08-28 Indian Meadows Campground, Pentress, West Virginia (voice of the valley 3)

2011-08-05 Bleakhaus [with? Peanut the dog]

2011-07-24 Retox Lounge

2011-07-13 Hemlock Tavern [with Rich Housh, visuals]

2011-06-17 Luna’s Cafe Sacramento

2011-06-15 Radio Valencia live mic (bunnywhiskers show)

2011-02-15 Amnesia (isounderscore noise night 4)

2010-11-09 The Lab (organ spectacular!)

2010-11-06 Hollow Earth Radio Seattle live mic

2010-11-05 The Josephine Seattle

2010-10-29 KSER Everett (the tunnel show) remote

2010-10-27 Radio Valencia live mic (bunnywhiskers show)

2010-09-26 The Lab (godwaffle noise pancakes)

2010-09-18 Bleakhaus 

2010-08-27 The Cool Ranch Cleveland, Ohio

2010-08-26 Vinyl Underground Kent

2010-08-14 Golden Trapperkeeper Lodge 

2010-07-24 SF Community Music Center (outsound new music summit 9)

2010-07-10 KFJC Los Altos Hills live mic (lou nautique show)

2010-05-12 The Lab (poodle sfx 3)

2010-02-28 The Lab (brutal sfx festival 68) [with Take Up Serpents]

2010-02-20 Golden Trapperkeeper Lodge [with? Chrome Genie]

2009-11-11 El Rincon (bleakhaus benefit)

2009-10-29 Luggage Store Gallery (new music series)

2009-10-17 Heco’s Palace, Oakland [collab with Sharkiface, Loachfillet, Bran…Pos and Crisperion Fett]

2009-09-19 Bleakhaus [with Ozmadawn]

2009-07-22 Argus Lounge (mission creek music festival) [collab with Hans Grüsel]

2009-06-11 Luggage Store Gallery (new music series)

2009-05-21 Dolores Park Cafe

2009-05-17 Pharaoh Maybelline’s Sound Trough, No Toilet (brutal sfx festival 60) [collab with Hans Grüsel]

2009-05-02 Watermelon Sugar [with Hans Grüsel]

2009-04-09 Exploratorium (After Dark series) [with Chrome Genie]

2009-04-03 Well Space Gallery, Oakland (Rubber ()) Cement / Bonnie Banks exhibit)

2009-03-13 The Carpenters Rainbow

2009-01-22 Adobe Books (Bonnie Banks exhibit)

2009-01-11 Hemlock Tavern (S Clay Wilson Benefit) [with? Take Up Serpents]

2008-12-31 The First Church of the Buzzard, Oakland

2008-12-12 Golden Trapperkeeper Lodge [with? Chrome Genie]

2008-11-08 Other Cinema (Prelinger Archives Bray Studios screening) [with Hans Grüsel and Deep Sea Fishing O’ps]

2008-07-07->07-27 Ohrenhoch der Geräuschladen, Berlin-Neukölln (Big Frisco Soundloop exhibit) sound installation

2008-06-17 Bottom of the Hill

2008-04-25 Heco’s Palace, Oakland

2008-04-10 21 Grand, Oakland (international noise conference)

2008-02-10 Pharaoh Maybelline’s Sound Trough, No Toilet (brutal sfx festival 45)

2007-12-05 ArtSF (unmusical monthly)

2007-11-25 The Funhouse Seattle

2007-11-25 Jewel Box Theatre Seattle (Ray Harryhausen screening)

2007-11-24 Someday Lounge Portland (Ray Harryhausen screening)

2007-11-13 Climate Theatre (music box series)

2007-10-14 The Lab (placard ~plug~ headphone fest 3)

2007-10-11 21 Grand, Oakland (brutal sfx festival 43)

2007-09-29 Other Cinema (Ray Harryhausen screening)

2007-09-14 Bauer Mansion

2007-08-28 21 Grand, Oakland

2007-08-01 G3 Lounge (exp.folx series)

2007-05-01 ArtSF (brutal sfx festival 41)

2007-04-08 ArtSF (electronic puppenhorten)

2007-03-31 KFJC Los Altos Hills live mic (nozmo king show)

2007-03-11 ArtSF (unmusical dvd release )

2007-02-14 G3 Lounge (exp.folx series)

2006-12-19 Terminal, Oakland

2006-11-14 Thee Parkside (poodle sfx 2)

2006-09-26 ArtSF 

2006-08-26 Artists’ Television Access 

2006-08-10 Hemlock Tavern 

2006-06-30 Bakery, Emeryville

2006-06-25 ArtSF (godwaffle noise pancakes)