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' kind review of the Head Boggle Serge LP on experimedia :

Head Boggle 

live on Bunnywhiskers show on Radio Valencia, SF 9/3/14

Headboggle with Dave Gedalecia, banjo

live at Voice of the Valley VI: in Millstone, WV 8/9/14

Featuring David Dunn and Head Boggle with Live Visuals by Caitlin Denny

Thursday, September 11, 2014 • 7:00 p.m.

Location:  Exploratorium, Pier 15, Kanbar Forum

Note: There is limited capacity for this program; seating will be made available to visitors on a first-come, first-served basis.

Admission:  Included with museum admission.

Please Note: Adults Only (18+)

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EARLY SHOW !!! surround extravaganza … details to come….

thanks Diego/Decoder for the feature piece on Headboggle !!



My previous effort to get into the head of Derek “Headboggle” Gedalecia gave me a close look at the turbulent politics of the San Francisco Bay Area noise scene. After Derek had to cancel our meeting at the last minute, a resulting lengthy interview with Greg Garbage netted facetious death threats within hours of publication—and naturally, since the Internet gives us no access to vocal cadence or body language, Greg had no choice but to take them seriously. I learned some important lessons from that experience: (1) always double-, triple-, quadruple-check abso-fucking-lutely every statement of fact before sending a piece in for final editing and publication; (2) if you want someone to trust you, never assume they are okay with having every word out of their mouth printed for all the world to see; (3) smartphones are a great tool for making revisions while you’re running late to a class in which no laptops are allowed. If this was some sort of serendipitous hazing ritual, I eventually felt the relief of having passed the test. Welcome to the club, the scene seemed to say; but you better watch your mouth, buddy.



nd check out the Serge album outtake i mixed down for this article:

HEAD BOGGLE summer update -

       Greetings, there’s a lot of news in the HB camp and I have some exciting new releases in print:

-Head Boggle - Serge Modular In Hi-Fi LP (experimedia)

-Quicksails / Headboggle – Mugen: Volume 6 split CS (hausu)

-Head-Boggle - Live at RCN Cave and Piano Solos CS (self-help)

-The Fathers CS (fort evil fruit)

-Hillboggle - At Home With CS (tusco/embassy)

-The Fathers - Spray Energy CS (tusco/embassy)

       Grab merch at my bigcartel or at one of the upcoming Headboggle shows:

-Aug 6 - Now That’s Class, Cleveland OH w/Fluxmonkey + Dr. Quinn

-Aug 9 - Voice of the Valley IV, Millstone, WV w/many others

-Aug 12 - Cafe Bourbon St, Columbus, OH w/Dr Quinn + Ryan Jewell

-Sept 11 - San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Exploratorium, SF w/David Dunn

  1. Camera: SONY NEX-F3
  2. Aperture: f/4
  3. Exposure: 1/160th
  4. Focal Length: 26mm

Headboggle 7/1/14

camera by Mike Daddona

debut cassette by THE FATHERS (Headboggle/Nathan Tusco collab)
out now on the Irish imprint, Fort Evil Fruit, :::


This is the debut release from the duo (named in tribute to Father Ted) of Tusco Terror’s Nathan Bowers (aka Coagulator) and Derek Gedalecia (best known as Head boggle). The latter’s predilection for unlikely instrumental combinations is evident in a mix of nylon-string guitar plucking and modular synth mayhem, making for an exhilarating and disorientating acoustic ambiguity. Hallucinatory, mischievous and raw. This EP-length tape features one studio and one live track.


Thanks Decoder for the preview of the upcoming Headboggle LP on Experimedia and the premiere of a video from the album:



Derek Gedalecia’s Head Boggle guise has been splitting skulls and rifling through the contents within for several years now from his San Francisco locale, largely via cassettes issued by outsider institutions like Digitalis Limited, 905 Tapes, SicSic Tapes, Hausu Mountain, Fag Tapes, and many more. But Gedalecia’s curiously unpredictable and expansively remunerative sounds have only appeared once on wax, with the project’s self-titled LP on Spectrum Spools two years ago. Experimedia now breaks Head Boggle’s vinyl abstinence with Serge Modular in Hi-Fi, a hyper-schizoid trek of surreal sonics recorded around the time of the Spectrum Spool LP that touches on each of Gedalecia’s strengths, from the caved-in lows to the wide-eyed and blinding highs. From the howling buzzes and haunted blips of tracks like “’68 News” and “’19 Orchestra” to the pseudo-industrial ragas of “’63 Dance” and “’59 Rhapsody,” Serge Modular in Hi-Fi highlights the long-running project’s possessed approach to both off-the-cuff and academic electronic exploration, “all achieved in the S.F. City College Electronic Music Lab utilizing “a vintage, pre-STS Serge Modular Synth system and was conceived as a pseudo aural ‘cubist’ sound piece with an intention to achieve pseudo 3D ‘cubed’ sound through discrete recording and mixing techniques.” Count me fully in.

The video for “’56 Tune,” premiered above, serrates archival footage of a mountaineer into a dizzying mania of confused angles and captivating hysteria. The visual accompaniment pairs well with the track’s ever-revolving sound. Serge Modular in Hi-Fi is due out 7/7/14, but you can pre-order a copy now directly from Experimedia. Also, as a bonus, anyone who pre-orders the LP before the release date can enter coupon code ‘headboggle’ for 10% off an entire order, meaning the early bird truly does get the worm.